Plant Nature Pots
Plant Nature Pots


Plant Nature Pots

Compostable plant pot

Plastic flower pots are troublesome. Not only do plants soon outgrow them and require repotting, but they add to unrecyclable plastic waste after a single use. The Plant Nature Pots are made from cow dung, so they are fully biodegradable and the pot itself becomes a nutrient source for plants. Cow dung is also highly water-absorbent, so the pot easily holds moisture without waterlogging. Perhaps the coolest feature of all is that when the plant outgrows the pot, it can simply be planted out in its pot. The pot will decompose in the soil, feeding the plant as it does so. The idea of using cow dung for plant pots is not new. In Australia, cow dung pots have been used with great success to nurse eucalyptus trees.


The pollution caused by single-use plastics and animal manure are serious environmental problems that are rarely considered in unison. This concept offers another meaningful solution, rediscovering the value of cow dung as a material for home and garden.


We are very grateful for this award. Through the innovative use of materials and the design of products for daily life, we hope to help solve not only the problem of surplus animal waste, but also have a positive impact in terms of environmental protection. We also hope that people will be inspired by our work to think more about how they can help society and work together for a better life.


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National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

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National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

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