Planting knowledge mulch
Planting knowledge mulch
Planting knowledge mulch
Planting knowledge mulch


Planting knowledge mulch

Food production product

Many parts of the world still experience food shortages, and this is a problem that needs to be urgently and actively addressed. One of the best ways to prevent food shortages, especially in developing regions, is for people to grow their own food. This mulch film helps inexperienced farmers plant and grow their own crops. It regulates the spacing of seeds, the planting temperature, and the depth of seed burial. The mulching film also increases the survival rate of seeds. It is made from fully degradable materials, making it a sustainable way to grow and protect food.


Planting Knowledge Mulch solves a double problem: lack of knowledge among novice farmers and ensuring the development of healthy food plots. The designers have produced a well-conceived technical proposal that promises to be highly successful in the field.


We feel fortunate and honored to receive this world-class award! Thank you so very much for your vote of approval.


Dalian Minzu University

Dalian, CN