Prestige Bottle
Prestige Bottle
Prestige Bottle
Prestige Bottle


Prestige Bottle

Aluminum bottle


With the introduction of the sleek, modern, aluminum Prestige Bottle, the Pepsi occasion is elevated across the portfolio – including Pepsi, Pepsi MAX and Diet Pepsi. This premium bottle, designed by PepsiCo in collaboration with Karim Rashid, presents an iconic shape that makes a bold, forward-thinking statement that is unmistakably Pepsi. The Prestige Bottle shape reflects the Pepsi heritage by nodding to prior classic glass structures in their most recognizable and simplified form. Aiming to make an emotional connection with the consumer, the Prestige Bottle reflects the timeless fun and uplifting spirit of Pepsi in a refreshing way.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Europe, North America
Target Groups
Consumer / User