Q5 integrate stove
Q5 integrate stove
Q5 integrate stove
Q5 integrate stove


Q5 integrate stove

Integrated stove

Marssenger Kitchenware Co., Ltd.

The product integrates a range hood, a kitchen range and a sterilizer cabinet, fully meeting the requirements of Chinese consumers. This type of tailored burner for Chinese cooking has a faster heating rate, and a more uniform heating area. The flip design of the range hood not only provides the modules of the range hood with a smoke holding function, but can also effectively prevent the return of smoke into the flue. The 17º-flying wing and warping table echo the molding of the range hood and not only reduced the cleaning load, but also made the overall image more uniform. The modular design makes the maintenance more convenient.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Target Groups
Consumer / User, "Chinese cooking family"