Ravensburger Kunstnacht
Ravensburger Kunstnacht
Ravensburger Kunstnacht
Ravensburger Kunstnacht


Ravensburger Kunstnacht

Poster / folder campaign

The Ravensburger Kunstnacht (Art Night) presents a variety of 35 contemporary artists at very different locations in the whole city. The event unites a diversity of disciplines, positions, mindsets and personalities. This principle we made the basis of the design concept: we created a series of folders containing the exhibition program. The unfolded front sides also serve as advertising posters. Every poster presents a single character of the title "KUNSTNACHT" in a specific, significant typeface. The idea is to combine these letters for bill postings – either announcing "KUNSTNACHT" in heterogeneous typography or to sprawl dadaistic pribble-prabble in public space.

Client / Manufacturer

Kulturamt Ravensburg

Ravensburg, DE

Studio SÜD—Visuelle Kommunikation

Ravensburg, DE
Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
Target Groups
Consumer / User