RB6000KC (RB37K63602C)
RB6000KC (RB37K63602C)
RB6000KC (RB37K63602C)
RB6000KC (RB37K63602C)


RB6000KC (RB37K63602C)

BMF refrigerator

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

The perfect blend of metallic handles with a sleek glass exterior exemplifies the contrast between materials that are both luxurious and neat. The indirect blue LED lighting on the handle and the touch panel complete the look of a hightech, sophisticated, and minimalist appliance. The combination of an easy handle in the front and one on the side allows for the heavy door to be opened effortlessly from any direction. Together with the lighting, which facilitates the easy location of stored items, it further enhances usability. The “Space Max” technology that distinguishes the interior is expressed in a clean, uncluttered metallic look.

Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
Asia, Europe, Further localization:: CIS
Target Groups
Consumer / User