ROCKBROS pants Strap
ROCKBROS pants Strap
ROCKBROS pants Strap
ROCKBROS pants Strap


ROCKBROS pants Strap

Cycling safety leg strap

For the road cycling sport at night, it is necessary that the ankle chain does not get stuck. The ROCKBROS pants Strap perfectly suits outdoor activities such cycling, jogging, camping etc. It is tied to the bottom of the pants to keep the grease off your pants and your pants out of the chain ring. Reflective light will keep you safe during night activities. Energy saving LED lights allow for a battery life of up to a year. Easy to use: slap it on and it automatically wraps around leg. Easy to carry, can be rolled on the frame of the bicycle when not in use. Can also be used as a wristband or safety band.

Client / Manufacturer

Yiwu Rock Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

Yiwu, CN
AUG Hangzhou Industrial

AUG Hangzhou Industrial

Design Co., Ltd.Hangzhou, CN
Date of Launch
Development Time
other period:: 3 months
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