Rowa VMax210
Rowa VMax210
Rowa VMax210
Rowa VMax210
Rowa VMax210
Rowa VMax210


Rowa VMax210

Picking system

The Rowa VMax210 is a smart storage and dispensing system for pharmacies. It places packs next to each other with great precision, making use of all the available space for storage. The Rowa VMax210 delivers the medication requested in a matter of seconds. Despite the high speed, the system operates in the background with hardly any sound. The Rowa VMax 210 can be individually adapted to suit any pharmacy. The design prioritizes clean lines with a technical look. The Rowa VMax210 is a wider version of the Rowa VMax. Stylistic elements were adopted and advanced in order to best convey high quality and reliability.

Client / Manufacturer

CareFusion Germany 326 GmbH

Kelberg, DE

Henssler und Schultheiss Fullservice Productdesign GmbH

Schwäbisch Gmünd, DE
Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, South America
Target Groups
"Apotheken aller Art"