S20 B+W Kollektion
S20 B+W Kollektion


S20 B+W Kollektion

Multifunctional contract chair

The idea: a stackable chair made of wood and metal that brings high quality, clean aesthetics, ergonomics and efficient production methods into harmonious balance with one another. The result is the S20 in the B+W Collection – a classic four-legged chair exuding strict aesthetics and formal serenity. The seat and back are made of wood, and the frame of steel. The seat has a wave pattern. The concave wave prevents any sliding off the seat, and the convex wave aids sitting up straight at the table. The S20 is a composed contract chair with clear and simple lines that catches the eye through its reductionist design language and attention to detail. The combination of the two materials wood and metal is brought sensitively to harmonious unity through the chair’s self-contained overall design. Extras include arm rests, seat and back pads and row linking fittings.

Client / Manufacturer

B+W stuhl+tisch Zentrum GmbH+Co KG

Eschborn, DE

greutmann bolzern

Zurich, CH