S400 LINE Manual Bidet
S400 LINE Manual Bidet
S400 LINE Manual Bidet
S400 LINE Manual Bidet


S400 LINE Manual Bidet


LIXIL Corporation INAX

The manual bidet seat forms part of the new INAX S400 collection, created by aplying Lixil’s unique aesthetic philosophy “Humanitecture – The Fusion of Human and Architecture”. It is good starter kit to convert from the traditional use of paper, water dipper or trigger spray as it doesn’t require a power supply and is easy to install. Users enjoy an intuitive control through its ergonomic side lever featuring clearly visible graphics for intuitive operation. At the back, the hidden inlet is optimal for managing the leak-proof, quick-detach/connect water hose and ensures high compatibility with S400 toilet and other existing models.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Asia, Australia / Oceania, Europe, North America
Target Groups
Consumer / User