Schwebebahn Wuppertal
Schwebebahn Wuppertal
Schwebebahn Wuppertal
Schwebebahn Wuppertal


Schwebebahn Wuppertal

Suspension railway

The vehicle’s flat front is reminiscent of its predecessors and thus keeps up the tradition of this world-famous landmark. New characteristic elements are the slight downwards inclination – as a consequence of a suspended monorail – and the exposed side windows. Despite the low ceiling, the interior is spacious and clear. The overall asymmetric layout of the vehicle is consistently implemented up to the ceiling design. Vivid flooring colors find their equivalent in the seat upholstery. The light, self-supporting wooden seats are a novelty in public transportation. Panoramic glazing from floor to ceiling makes the rear end look spectacular.

Client / Manufacturer

WSW mobil GmbH

Wuppertal, DE
büro+staubach GmbH

büro+staubach GmbH

Konzeption und GestaltungBerlin, DE
Date of Launch
Development Time
25 - 36 months
Target Regions
Further localization:: Wuppertal
Target Groups
Public Sector / Government