Shun DM-0500 - 8" Chef Knife
Shun DM-0500 - 8" Chef Knife


Shun DM-0500 - 8" Chef Knife

Kitchen knife

Feel the power of the first truly ergonomic chef's knife! This Shun knife by Kershaw is designed by Ken Onion, one of the world's top knife designers. This patent-pending design features a specially angled, curved bolster and a specially shaped handle that fits perfectly in the hand, releasing all tension in your arm. The extra curve on the blade allows for an easier, flowing motion across the cutting board, and the blunted tip allows for easier scooping. Combine all of this with the sharpest Japanese edge available, and you have perfection. The design of this knife will make you an immediate chopomatic in the kitchen.

Client / Manufacturer

Kai Corporation

Tokyo, JP

Ken Onion

Hawaii, US