Siemens MAGNETOM Amira
Siemens MAGNETOM Amira
Siemens MAGNETOM Amira
Siemens MAGNETOM Amira


Siemens MAGNETOM Amira

MRI scanner

Siemens Healthcare GmbH

Siemens MAGNETOM Amira is designed to enhance clinical capabilities and deliver advanced imaging technology at lower costs per scan. It helps extend care to a greater number of patients, improve the patient experience and boost process efficiency. New proportions and a redesigned patient table make Siemens MAGNETOM Amira a distinctive member of the Siemens MAGNETOM family. Simple and soft shapes focus on patient comfort. The contrasting matte and glossy surfaces, highlighted by silver chamfers, structure the device and reduce its perceived size. New illumination solutions on the table and inside the bore create a pleasant path throughout the entire procedure.

Date of Launch
Development Time
other period:: average 8-10 years
Target Regions
Asia, South America, Further localization:: Mainly China, India, Brazil, Japan & Germany
Target Groups
Consumer / User, Other target groups:: Healthcare providers, public hospitals, private radiology practices or radiology practice networks