SL-1000R / SP-10R
SL-1000R / SP-10R
SL-1000R / SP-10R
SL-1000R / SP-10R


SL-1000R / SP-10R

Turntable system

Panasonic Corporation

This is the top model in the Technics turntable series. Adopting a direct-drive system, pioneered nearly 50 years ago, it is equipped with a heavy turntable platter and newly-developed motor that has high rotational accuracy. Its outstanding performance lets you enjoy superb sound. The wow and flutter are audiophile-grade at only 0.015%. Listening enjoyment is enhanced by its high sound quality and sophisticated design that uses a great deal of solid metal. Compatibility with the renowned SP-10 series is secured, and it is also installable in your favorite handmade cabinet. Installation of up to three tone arms is feasible.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Europe, North America, Specific country/region: Japan
Target Groups
Consumer / User