Smarthermo Ear
Smarthermo Ear
Smarthermo Ear
Smarthermo Ear


Smarthermo Ear

Ear thermometer

Smarthermo Ear provides accurate and convenient temperature monitoring with the max error of ± 0.2°C. With the one-second temperature measuring, users can immediately see the result through the LED screen on the surface. It works perfectly with its mobile application as well. Smarthermo Ear also has a concise and modern appearance. The smooth surface seamlessly integrates with the LED screen, which clearly and vividly shows the temperature result. It is also easy to check the previous temperatures by sliding on the screen. It is convenient, modern, user-friendly. All designed for your advantage.

Client / Manufacturer

Hangzhou Bangtang Network

Technology Co., Ltd.Hangzhou, CN
AUG Hangzhou Industrial

AUG Hangzhou Industrial

Design Co., Ltd.Hangzhou, CN
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Development Time
other period:: 6 months
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