MP3 player

The Si-300's design captures the essence of individuals' personalities embodied in the uniqueness of the SIGN brand. The sleek and extreme design is the language to deliver superior sound quality. Specifically designed as a lasting art form that is appealing to collectors and surprises and touches digital audio fans alike; its creation has incorporated consumer behavioral principles, market research on preferences, socio-cultural beliefs, and delicate craftsmanship in every detail. The integration of aluminum with a simple geometric shape gives the slim unit casing an aura of elegance and timelessness. The contrasting effect of the surface finishing makes for an appealing eye catching unit. The latest innovations of industrial and mechanical design have been tailored for this compact unit, with functional buttons grouped along the two side panels. It touches one's heart with its slim and compact nature, practical and reliable design and user friendly and innovative interface.

Client / Manufacturer

AVC Chaseway Limited

Guangdong, CN

AVC Technology Limited

Hong Kong, CN