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soan Architekten

Business stationery

soan: a small Japanese building located in a garden, of reserved form and careful design. Everything in this house: the clarity of forms, the reduced means of expression, the distinctive structure of its materials, the location in the garden and its use – is founded on a mutual spiritual position. This is reflected in the buildings of the soan architects Hülsmann and Boländer and therefore in the design of the business stationery. The transparent paper discreetly reveals its third dimension, namely the light. Outside and inside, front and rear create an exciting relation and enhance the minimalistic aspiration of architect and graphic designer.

Client / Manufacturer

soan Architekten Bochum und Warburg

Bochum, DE

Klein und Neumann Zusammenarbeit mit: Domröse Druck, Fotostudio Tölle

Iserlohn, DE