“SocialArk” APP
“SocialArk” APP


“SocialArk” APP

Smartphone app

Every year, disasters occur causing great harm to individuals and society. For the victims, it is very important to quickly understand the nature and extent of the disaster and find help. For others, the priority is knowing what they can do to help the victims. This app connects disaster victims, government agencies, businesses and concerned others, helping them respond to the disaster and minimize the damage. We are likely to experience more disasters in the future. Only by improving our responses will we be able to reduce the number of casualties and the extent of the damage.


This app provides comprehensive support for responding to a disaster. Careful research was used in the proposal, and a multifaceted approach is proposed.


It's a great honor for our team to win the iF Design Talent Award, which is an affirmation of our design ability. At present, the epidemic situation in many countries is severe. We hope our design of a disaster rescue app can inspire more people in this field to work together.


Zhejiang university

Hangzhou, CN