Sony Tablet S Series
Sony Tablet S Series


Sony Tablet S Series


SONY Corporation

The Sony Tablet S is an Android tablet terminal with a 9.4” display. The large screen enables the enjoyable use of an abundant range of services, to browse the Web and view content. The use of “eccentric center of gravity” design, in which the center of gravity is shifted to one side, sought to offer a feeling of lightness and stability when the unit is held in the hand, making it comfortable for long-term use. Positioning the screen on a gentle diagonal when the unit is sitting on a desk adds to operation comfort. Elimination of all inessential elements produces a simple screen that encourages the user to fully focus on content.


An extravagant design with a focus on content – the new S Series tablet by SONY. It imparts a feeling of lightness with simultaneous stability to the user. An excellent combination of characteristics earned this product an iF gold award.