Shaping the future

Deutsche Telekom AG

The world is changing. Telecommunications, internet and the media are converging and unimagined opportunities are opening up. The T-Gallery, Deutsche Telekom’s forum for the future, makes these trends from areas like technology, demographics and lifestyle constantly visible. This is a think tank where international experts, scientists and partners meet with specialists from the corporate group to get a handle on daily life and society in tomorrow’s world, to define the products, services and solutions of the future from the perspective of the customer and visualize them in futuristic settings. This makes it possible to try out the benefits and product experiences of the future today. More than 100 topics are embedded in the structure of tomorrow’s world, including: - A day in the life: at home, on the move, at work, enjoying recreation - Life matters: health, education, security, service and quality - Society: demographics, trends, government and politics, energy and environment In addition to these trend-setting topics, T-Gallery employs futuristic user interfaces and media designs as well as cutting-edge architecture to generate trend and design ideas for the company and its partners. The international rollout of the T-Gallery concept is planned for 2008.