Tetra Prob
Tetra Prob


Tetra Prob

Environmental protection

Tetra Prob is a product that expresses the strength and vitality of root systems. It is designed to support and protect the roots of a tree until they are firmly established. It also provides nutrients and moisture. The Tetra Prob tetrapod can be made from biodegradable material, such as corn starch, which decomposes over time. The decomposed material nourishes the roots and soil organisms, including earthworms, which have a positive effect on the soil ecosystem. It also prevents water from being absorbed only downwards


“Tetra Prob” is a life-initiator product that mediates between the soil and the tree by strengthening the soil and supporting the tree during periods of repair and regrowth after forest fires. The design reflects both the durability and softness of many natural materials. Although it requires further testing and development, it stands out for its visionary character in these times of environmental crises.


We designed the ‘Tetra Prob’ because we saw recent forest fires and thought that more effort was needed to effectively restore damaged forests and soil. We are very happy to win this award. It spurs us on to focus even harder on finding creative solutions to major problems.


Sejong University

Seoul, KR