Tex Glass®
Tex Glass®


Tex Glass®

Textile glass

Nya Nordiska Textiles GmbH

Tex Glass®, a fusion of materials and ideas, is a line of decorative laminated glassware with fabrics built in. Nya Nordiska and Glassolutions, Saint-Gobain created an inventive surface that will lead the possibilities of textile interior design to new dimensions. Through Tex Glass® fabric becomes an architectural solution and enables glass to create sensuality in architecture. As doors, partitions, stairs, shop windows, table tops or shelves: the 23 different textile designs in glass have multiple interior design room applications.


Tex Glass® is a decorative-laminated-glass-collection with an integrated fabric layer. It is an ideal space solution and an outstanding concept to give rooms an individual character. What convinced us with this design is that it presents entirely new possibilities in textile interior design and that the product may be applied in manifold ways.