The home of childbirth
The home of childbirth
The home of childbirth
The home of childbirth


The home of childbirth

Midwifery tool

Maternal mortality, the death of mothers in pregnancy or childbirth, is 14 times higher in developing regions than in developed ones. 'The home of childbirth' is a pneumatic folding tent equipped with a solar disinfection lamp and midwife’s kit. The inflatable structure allows it to be set up quickly and folded neatly into a suitcase for easy transportation. The solar-powered disinfection lamp reduces the risk of infection during childbirth. The tent can also serve as a warm and sterile space for newborn babies.


This is an excellent solution for a very pressing problem (early childhood and maternal mortality) in places that lack medical and maternal infrastructure. The deflation and transportation aspects of the product could be developed further. Would it be possible to transport the kit on a bicycle?


I feel deeply honored to win the IF award. I'd like to express my thanks to my teachers for guiding me to become a better designer. I hope that I will always retain my original motivation in choosing this career – to develop ever better and more useful design.


Liaoning University of Technology

Jinzhou, CN