The Rain Pack
The Rain Pack


The Rain Pack

Packaging design

Hansgrohe SE

The stream of the Raindance shower head imitates the feeling of tropical rain. The new packaging design lets customers get an in-store taste of that – because it sounds like rain. Spaces inside create a 3-chamber sound system through which chosen objects bounced: pearl barley for high notes, lentils for low notes, and rice for mid-range notes. Shaped folds cause the pieces to pass through the chambers gradually, imitating the sound of rain. The axisymmetric design encourages the consumer to turn the pack and trigger the sound. The Rain Pack induces customers to spend an above-average amount of time with the product, playfully inviting them to buy.

Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
Specific country/region: Germany
Target Groups
Consumer / User