The seesaw well
The seesaw well
The seesaw well
The seesaw well


The seesaw well

Water pump

Nowadays, the ancient pressurized well is still widely utilized in most parts of Africa. Fetching water for daily use has become a routine for many African children. The ordinary pressurized well is generally designed for adults. The process of pressurizing water is fatiguing and tiresome. This design attaches a seesaw structure to the well. With the seesaw swinging back and forth, the piston under the well is activated and the water is driven up. In this way, not only the adults can fetch water normally, but also the kids can amuse themselves while getting water.


Water is pumped up out of a well in a fun, easy way: by children playing on a seesaw. Their playful activity sets the well’s pumping system in motion.


We would like to thank iF very much for giving us the opportunity to prove ourselves. Being one of the winners is a real honor and an unbelievable motivation boost for us. In the future we will continue to forge ahead along the path of design innovation.


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