ULTI The Ultimate Switch
ULTI The Ultimate Switch


ULTI The Ultimate Switch

Wireless lighting control solution

ULTI, the Ultimate Switch, is a wireless lighting control solution from Clipsal. ULTI uses radio transmission technology (RF) to allow you to activate pre-programmed combinations of light groups (scenes) at the touch of a button. ULTI consists of switches, dimmers, remote control units and wall-mounted FreeLocate Switches, providing endless lighting automation possibilities at your home. ULTI uses the same electrical cable configuration as conventional switches and dimmers, so there is no need to re-wire your home. And with ULTI's modular system, you can easily and flexibly upgrade your lighting system. Usability and aesthetic design is another key feature of ULTI. With its modern and clean lines, elegant light touch buttons equipped with dual colour LED backlight plus a generous selection of enticing finishes, ULTI lends an air of exclusivity to your interior décor.

Client / Manufacturer

Clipsal Asia Holdings Ltd.

183, Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong, CN

Simon Davies, Henry Lee

N / A, AQ