Umbrella Badge
Umbrella Badge


Umbrella Badge

Child sexual assault alarm

This is an alarm device designed to prevent child sexual abuse. Research shows that many abusers verbally abuse their victims before committing a crime. If a child is being harassed, the badge can detect sensitive words and send an alert to draw attention to passers-by, as well as to alert the child to possible danger. When the alarm is triggered, the badge automatically sends the child's location to the designated contact.


It's a very fresh design – a badge that detects words with a focus on verbal abuse. Especially today, with the advancement of AI, the technology of this badge will be further improved. It's also a great idea to locate the device in a badge that is easy for kids to wear. I think it is a very good device that can help to keep children safe from assault and exploitation.


Anhui University

Hefei, CN