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Cities continue to increase in size because people want to live close to their work, but it also makes cities the core center of high resource usage and pollution. Vicious cycles only make cities more unhealthy, which makes it important to redefine the value and the function of the buildings in the city. V4 Housing designed micro-collective housing units consisting of different prototypes that combined four vertical recycling systems, not only to provide for better living space but also to improve the environment of the city.


V4_HOUSING is a very appropriate response to issues related to lack of space within the city - hence the need to think in systems of densification and environmental problems produced by over population in city areas. Both sides of the agenda are intertwined to generate a singular unit of stacked living space. This is cleverly articulated by a simple, generic skeleton and a diversity of different units that, when a few variations are added, produce a strong identity for the housing project.


V4 Housing is not just a place to live, but also a concept and a future living system.


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Taipei, TW