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Valtra SmartTouch

Farm equipment

Valtra Inc.

Valtra Smart Touch is an armrest and user interface which holds the controls for all of the functions of a modern tractor. Today, tractors have more functions than cars and they have become overwhelmingly complex to use – with most tractors you have to read the manual to even get the tractor to move. The main idea behind the Valtra Smart Touch is simplicity – everything should be intuitive, without reading any manual. The physical armrest has an ergonomically designed horizontal drive lever, with everything located close to your hand. The digital UI is based on skeuomorphism, but has been greatly simplified.

Date of Launch
Development Time
other period: This Smart Touch armrest and completely new UI to control tractor took 5 years to develop
Target Regions
Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, South America
Target Groups
Specific sub-group: Demanding tractor user who wants to use most effective high technology solutions in their work