vivomove STYLE/LUXE
vivomove STYLE/LUXE
vivomove STYLE/LUXE
vivomove STYLE/LUXE


vivomove STYLE/LUXE

Hybrid Smartwatch

GARMIN Corporation

The vívomove series is a stylish hybrid smartwatch that turns heads. But there’s more to vívomove than meets the eye: the fashionable watch features a touchscreen with a hidden display that lights up when you raise your wrist to take a glance. The watch hands move dynamically out of the way when you interact with the touchscreen, or even move in to enhance the visual information. The analog hands and the digital touchscreen work seamlessly together, creating a user interface that give its user a delightful and fuss-free experience.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Asia, Australia / Oceania, Europe, North America
Target Groups
Consumer / User