Von 1128 bis 2008
Von 1128 bis 2008
Von 1128 bis 2008
Von 1128 bis 2008


Von 1128 bis 2008

State-run wine cellar Würzburg

To connect the old with the new and to brush up a fusty image were our tasks. 900 years of strong ties to the diocese Würzburg, a wine-growing area spreading over 100 km and four different kinds of rock and the work of the staff contribute to the distinctive identity of the state-run wine cellar, "Staatlicher Hofkeller Würzburg". It was our aim to express its modern identity and its image in the 21st century and communicate it in a three dimensional space. In-between tradition and modernity, through identity and image, with people and nature. Furthermore the internal workflow has been optimized.

Client / Manufacturer

Staatlicher Hofkeller Würzburg

Gutsdirektor Michael JansenWürzburg, DE


breunig architektenZell am Main, DE

archicult rhein-main

Atelier für Kommunikation im RaumZwingenberg, DE