Walmonos W-B-C2
Walmonos W-B-C2
Walmonos W-B-C2
Walmonos W-B-C2


Walmonos W-B-C2

Basketball trolley

Kids love to play, but hate tidying up afterwards. Unless you can make it fun. Using gravity and a special tube design every basketball placed on this trolley slides neatly to the bottom. The constantly moving basketballs give this trolley a similar functionality to the cascade toys that fascinate younger children, and gives kids a fun incentive to collect the balls after playing. To allow for the fact that the gym teacher or trainer is likely to be taller than the kids, it is designed with a high and low armrest at either end. The cartoonish design on the textile plates at either end give this a fun and friendly appearance.

Client / Manufacturer

Guangzhou Walmonos Sports

Development Co., Ltd.Guangzhou, CN

Guangzhou Shirui Electronics Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou, CN
Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Specific country/region: China
Target Groups
Public Sector / Government, Other target groups: Kindergarten