Wanke 90
Wanke 90
Wanke 90
Wanke 90


Wanke 90

Washing machine

The Wanke 90 washing machine is an evolution from the traditional machines, based on wooden tank, introduced by German immigrants in the south of Brazil and still widely used there. The aim was to take the older models as the basis and adapt them to new safety and performance standards for the category, while using more appropriate materials and manufacturing processes for current conditions. The reforested wood body retains its structural function of holding an injected-plastic tank to combine contemporary concepts with traditional aesthetics characteristically associated with the product.


Design in Brazil - selected by Angela Carvalho It's amazing how the designers managed to transform a traditional washing machine made of wood in a product with a contemporary design and a perception of high quality . The combination of materials is just perfect!

Client / Manufacturer

Wanke S.A.

Indaial - SC, BR

Design Inverso

Joinville - SC, BR