Warm box
Warm box
Warm box
Warm box


Warm box

Adaptable packing box

In peaceful and highly developed countries, housing infrastructure is designed to ensure comfort and convenience. However, in poor and disaster-stricken areas, the priority is to satisfy the basic human needs of warmth and safety. This design is an adapted storage/packaging box covered in rubber memory foam. This not only strengthens the box and extends its life, it also gives it a second life. After its contents have been removed and distributed, the box can be opened and laid flat to provide a comfortable and durable sleeping mat.


This is a product that responds to a very basic and vital need. As well as fulfilling its function as a sturdy packing box for emergency supplies, this doubles as a mat or partition providing warmth and security. It is also very easy to use and can be adapted to multiple purposes.


In the future, we will make great efforts to design products that respond effectively to human needs.


Dalian Minzu University

Dalian, CN