Wraith Ripper
Wraith Ripper
Wraith Ripper
Wraith Ripper


Wraith Ripper

PC air cooler

Cooler Master Technology Inc.

The Wraith Ripper is a product developed through an exclusive collaboration between Cooler Master and AMD. This 120mm SERVO fan with seven copper heatpipes is designed to keep the AMD’s 2nd Generation Ryzen Threadripper CPUs cool under all conditions. Featuring specialized air-guide armor designed to guide the flow of air for peak cooling performance and reduce dead heat spots on the cooler. The Wraith Ripper’s elegant addressable RGB lighting allows users to tailor lighting to their preference, and the TR4 four-screwed mounting system makes it the easiest Threadripper cooler to install.

Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
Asia, Europe, North America
Target Groups
Consumer / User