Yoshinogawa "Minamo"
Yoshinogawa "Minamo"


Yoshinogawa "Minamo"

Alcoholic beverage packaging

Minamo is a new brand from Yoshinogawa, a popular and revered sake brewery in Niigata with 470 years of history. The label design for Minamo sake (which pairs well with all types of food) is inspired by part of the company name Gawa ("river" in Japanese). We interpreted the river as a symbol of life and rendered it as Minamo, the "water surface" of a river that runs through a community and enriches peoples' lives every day. Each Minamo sake class has its own unique label and tone: "traditional gentle yet refined style;” “the magnificent landscape of the river in the distance;” and “the iconic and dignified symbol.”

Client / Manufacturer

Yoshinogawa co, Ltd.

Niigata, JP
canaria inc.

canaria inc.

Tokyo, JP
Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
Target Groups
Consumer / User