This was the iF Final Jury 2023!

We are more than grateful for the excellent work of all jurors and the exciting days with them in Berlin! Read what made this year's jury so special.

The iF DESIGN AWARD 2023 Jury: More diverse than ever!

Almost 11,000 submissions from 56 nations, 133 renowned international design experts from 20 countries and an immeasurable passion for design!

For more than six decades, iF Design has invited independent, high profile design experts from all over the world to be part of the jury of the iF DESIGN AWARD.

While the numbers speak for themselves, our hearts are full after three successful days of the iF Final Jury in Berlin. The iF DESIGN AWARD 2023 jury panel not only did a tremendous job – they are also one of a kind. Read why!

Three Days of decisions and emotions: Watch the video of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023 Jury Session

We asked Guto Requena of Estudio Guto Requena in Brazil, Karen Korellis-Reuther of Harvard University, US, Lauren Tutssel of Chikadee Creative, UK, Masazumi Imai from Fujifilm in Japan and many more about their experiences when judging in the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023, what they perceive as good design and what makes this year`s jury so special!

Guto Requena, Estudio Guto Requena:
“This is what iF Design is all about, it is about gathering people from everywhere who love design and who know design is about solving problems!”

While we actually shouldn’t stress it anymore, we still want to point out that this year’s jury was more diverse than ever – with an even portion of male and female jurors. This is still not a given anywhere, as chairwoman Karen Korellis-Reuther of Harvard University puts it: “The iF DESIGN AWARD Jury is one of the more diverse groups that I had the pleasure to be a part of! This is important as the percentage of women, especially in industrial design is still very low, in the US it is just 18 percent! There is still much work to do!”

What else was new this year?

A totally new addition to the iF Final Jury was the invitation of three sustainability experts, who acted in “supporting roles” for jury groups who needed some insights on whether products really fullfill the sustainability standards they promise.

Apart from that, we introduced highly iF jury experienced chairpersons for every category to secure the quality of the judging process even more, especially for newbies to the iF Final Jury.

However, what never gets old, is how hard it is deciding on all the great submissions. In order to make it easier for the jurors but also to provide participants a detailed feedback, we use  the iF Scorecard. It premiered in 2021, and is in successful use since then. The judging is divided into five criteria – idea, form, function, differentiation, and impact. This led to some heated discussions – which were only topped by the selection of the 75 iF DESIGN AWARD 2023 Gold winners.

Uwe Cremering, CEO iF Design:
“Every year, the final jury is the most exciting and inspirational part of the iF DESIGN AWARD. Not just for the iF team, but also for our jurors from around the world. I am proud of our iF team that made this happen during the last couple of days and am really looking forward to the iF DESIGN AWARD NIGHT mid of May in Berlin!”
Berlin, see you again!