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Day 11: ABILUX (Brazilian Association of the Lighting Industry)

A beacon from São Paulo: The Brazilian Association of the Lighting Industry presents illuminating topics

Light has many facets and requires special dedication: Who benefits from which lighting and at what intensity? How can cities work together to combat light pollution, how can nature and safety be reconciled? Which innovations are capable of conserving energy and thus the climate and saving costs? Abilux, The Brazilian Association of the Lighting Industry, presents creative solutions and exciting rays of hope from São Paulo!

Lighting design has the power and magic to illuminate environments as well as people!

See all award-winning products during EXPOLUX - International Lighting Industry Show:

iF Design Marathon 2022 - Abilux - Testimonial: Ricardo Fahl, Ômega Light, Brazil

Ricardo Fahl - designer at Ômega Light, Brazil:

“Much more than the pride of being recognized among big names in the design world, winning an iF helps us to realize that our development path is aligned with this scenario and was validated by a highly qualified independent panel of international judges.”

Enjoy the creativity of the Brazilian lighting industry!