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Day 6: ANIMA

12 October 2022: San Sebastián, Spain
Sheer simplicity: ANIMA is DESIGN

Hands on design: insights into the real everyday life of wide-ranging product design

For 20 years, the Spanish design studio Anima has been focusing on its product-oriented and at the same time wide-ranging portfolio: In A for Appliances, for example, there is Z for Zelen - a 2-in-1 hoover with a special twist that lets it perform at its best even in challenging corners. At Anima, everything comes from a single source, from strategy to market-ready product. Discover the bundled design competence that the team at the locations in San Sebastián, Barcelona and Shenzhen presents to its international customers and to you in harmony with the environment and a social responsibility!

Creative studio and innovation forge - at Anima, ideas take the best shape!

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Company video

Who we are

We are an international product design and development agency operating in a variety of sectors, with a focus on health & science, sustainable mobility, hand & power tools, household appliances and more.

Our mission is to provide tailor-made solutions through innovative ideas.

We aspire to be recognised through our customer and end-user focused services, thus ensuring the success of our products in the market. Always with social consideration and respect for the environment.

'Sheer simplicity' created by ANIMA:

Satkam designed by ANIMA
Satkam designed by ANIMA
Jiahong Drill designed by ANIMA
Jiahong Drill designed by ANIMA
Wireless Earbuds for Vieta designed by ANIMA
Wireless Earbuds for Vieta designed by ANIMA
Electric bicycle 'Oohbike' designed by ANIMA
Oohbike designed by ANIMA