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Day 4: GLUE TV

10 October 2022: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
GLUE amsterdam connected by design: 'The City is Ours!'

Goethe's Faust probably didn't really know what holds the world together at its core... . What connects the city, in this special case Amsterdam, with its inhabitants and creatives is shown to us on a three-day visual discovery tour by GLUE TV: Whether designers, architects, brands, showrooms, galleries or the design-interested public - where everyone comes together with passion, urban space is shaped and design becomes visible. For a lively togetherness on different levels. They all have one motto in common: The city is Ours!

Experience Amsterdam’s design treasures and become part of a thematic-creative bonding!

Rademakers Gallery in Amsterdam - Interview with Pien Rademakers and Joana Schneider

Behind the scenes of GLUE TV

iF DESIGN MARATHON 2022: Interview with GLUE TV.

GLUE TV interviews graduate students from ArtEZ academy (left to right): Marsha Simon (interviewer), Max Degen, Dhiren Rao and Fleuri Ngapy.

A look behind the scenes of the interviews.

Outdoor Campaign GLUE 2022, designed by studio Haller Brun.

iF DESIGN MARATHON 2022: Amsterdam - Interview with GLUE TV.

Jasmijn Wester (right) and Calvin Kooiman (center), interviewed by Viveka van de Vliet (left).