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Day 17: iF Design Center Chengdu

27 October 2022: Chengdu, China
Design for Life

There is a main theme of our event: Design for Life. It will be a whole day event with two activities. In the morning of the 27th, we will meet young designers who won the iF Design Talent Award 2021-2022. While in the afternoon, several winners of the iF Design Award 2022 will do their sharing.

We believe that design is always changing our daily life, making our life better. So please follow us and think deeply with us through our design event.

iF Design Talent Talks

This year is the 20th anniversary of the iF Design Talent Award. We have invited the iF Design Talent Award 2022 winners from Chinese mainland to gather at the iF Design Center Chengdu to share and exchange award-winning works. With the topics of SDGs, every awarded work is providing a new idea for improving our life and the whole society.

There are many young faces participating in this event with great passion, wonderful thoughts and positive curiosity. Let’s go and hear what they design for our life and how they turn their wild imagination into reality.

Click here for the livestream!

iF Design Talent Talks teams:

There are nine teams of iF Design Talent Award winner from Guilin University of Technology, Zhejiang University, Guangdong University of Technology, Hunan University of Technology, Southwest Minzu University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Tongji University, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and Glasgow School of Art.

Meet iF in Chengdu speakers

iF DESIGN MARATHON 2022: Meet iF in Chengdu - Cheng Liu
Cheng Liu

Founder, Chengdu Wuyu Industrial Design

Chengdu Wuyu Industrial Design Co., Ltd., founded in June 2015, is a well-known local industrial design company. Since its establishment, it has provided customers with "one-stop" design services for the entire industry chain with an international vision and a pragmatic spirit. The company has accumulated many successful cases in design of creative products, consumer products, medical equipment, industrial equipment, digital electronics, household appliances, etc.

iF DESIGN MARATHON 2022: Meet iF in Chengdu - Jiao Wang
Jiao Wang

Head of HMI Design, FAW-VOLKSWAGEN Digitalization R&D Center

FAW-VOLKSWAGEN Digitalization R&D Center Chengdu is a Telematics innovation base built by FAW-Volkswagen, mainly responsible for software development. This center is committed to promoting the development of independent innovation in Telematics of FAW-Volkswagen Audi, Volkswagen and Jetta, and helping the construction of national intelligent networked vehicle industry.

Lijuan Zhang

Founder and Design Director, INT Architects

INT Architects was established in 2018, mainly responsible for planning, architecture, interior and decoration design services. Committed to constructing and exploring the identity and perception of the surroundings, from the city to the countryside, from the complex to the art installation, it has devoted great passion.

iF DESIGN MARATHON 2022: Meet iF in Chengdu - Lei Du
Lei Du

Art Director, Do-Design

DO DESIGN is a comprehensive design company with members from the fields of graphic, spatial, product and multimedia. Due to the multidisciplinary integration, open attitude and strict standards, they had plenty of successful cases spanning across culture, art and commercial design, and won many international design awards.