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Day 14: KIDP - Korea Institute of Design Promotion

24 October 2022: Seoul, Korea

We are Korea Design Membership +

Korea Design Membership Plus (KDM+) Program continues to make bigger ripples

KDM+ has connected hundreds of Korean design students with leading companies and mentors in Korea and abroad, through RDCs (Regional Design Centers) supported by destination government offices. The purpose of the program is to cultivate young designers with the capacity to perform soon after joining the workforce, as well as to provide students with opportunities for international expansion.

Students selected for membership in the program are offered a variety of educational programs, networking opportunities with mentors and fellow students, a chance to participate in overseas workshops and internships, as well as a chance to gain hands-on experience in unique projects with global companies.

iF DESIGN MARATHON 2022: KDM+ - Design Education Programme

Design Education Programme

Global Design Workshop

Participating businesses include the BMW Group, LG Electronics, LG H&H, CJ CheilJedang, Samsung Card, Nexen Tire, Hankook Tire, Model Solution, and numerous other businesses in Korea and abroad. KDM coordinates with those businesses to run more than 30 design projects every year.

Academy-Industry Collaborative Design Project

Academy-Industry Collaborative Design Project

Outcomes of Project with LG Electronics

Outcomes of Project with LG Electronics

Notable success cases include the 2020 academy-industry collaborative design project with LG H&H, which led to the commercialized packaging design for a new product on the Sooryehan brand of cosmetics. Students who participated in the design project with BMW Designworks received an internship offer and are now working as junior designers in the German automaker’s Munich office.

Success cases in 2021 include the collaborative design project with Nexen Tire, which presented future concept tires on The Gadget Show, one of the UK’s longest running and beloved consumer technology shows.

Outcomes of Project with Nexen Tire

Outcomes of Project with Nexen Tire

Over the program's 15 years, more than 800 young designers participated with a mean employment rate (including startups) reaching up to 80%. This year, about 170 young designers were selected for the program, eager to join in projects by companies in Korea and abroad. Through this program, KIDP hopes to foster young designers’ capacity for design and for delivering outstanding results in the industry.

KIDP also hopes to nurture outstanding designers who will spearhead the next generation of design in Korea and around the world.

The next generation of Korean designers - KDM+:

iF DESIGN MARATHON 2022 Day 14 KIDP Korea Institute of Design Promotion

iF DESIGN MARATHON 2022 Day 14 KIDP - Korea Institute of Design Promotion


LEE Inho

Manager of Korea Design Membership
Korea Institute of Design Promotion