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Creative Digital Solutions in Service Design

VR and AR technologies are the buzzwords now to describe the various clever service design and concepts for web and smartphone applications.

In our "always-on" culture, it’s easy to think that life would be simpler if we didn’t have all these digital gadgets stealing our time, never allowing us to switch off and to just relax. Once we understand how digital detox affects our mental balance, we can more appreciate the advantages of smartphones and Co. In fact, our digital devices can be our best support for achieving our goals, whether it’s living healthier, buying the right hiking boots or reaching a new workplace. The prerequisite is that they feature creative solutions helping us to minimize our time spent on searching for these kinds of products and services. In the best sense, digital service design creates not only innovative and practical products. It rather provides platforms enabling people to maximize their precious time spent on the experiences that matters the most for them.


Nolibox AI Design Platform | Manufacturer: Nolibox AI Design, Beijing, China
This design platform aims to provide inclusive design by enabling people affordable access to high-quality and differentiated design. With this, Nolibox hopes to break the existing monopolistic design barriers. Applications include artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies.
CoreCare | Manufacturer: Philips, Eindhoven, Netherlands
This solution for patient engagement combines clinical, behavioral, experiential, and contextual data from patients in their home environment to create an intelligent and adaptive lifestyle coaching ecosystem delivered through smart devices. In this way, patients who were undegoing a bariatric (weight loss) surgery can achieve the lasting results they hoped for.
Ontact - The New Retail Experience | Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea
Ontact is a retail experience platform merging the best of offline and online store experiences via interlinked data and a bidirectional communication channel. It allows customers to receive real-time information from offline stores and to participate in events remotely while also experiencing specialized VR retail content.
BixbyKids | Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea
The BixbyKids service is a conversation-enhancing tool that uses a multi-sensory, step-by-step method to develop language and cognitive skills. Its three unique features foster curiosity, imagination, and learning in children. Among others, fun visuals and sounds and QnA service are used. Parents can also monitor their kid's activities to keep up with them.
IBM Design Virtual Education | Manufacturer: IBM/Debra Staff, Austin, United States
IBM conceptualized an objectives-based, storied approach to their virtual course, where every lesson, activity, and talk aligned to an underlying "hero’s journey". The training program ensures that graduating designers still left with the same resiliency and thirst to take on the challenges of their product teamwork and shape the future of IBM.
SMIICS infant nutrition | Manufacturer: SMIICS GmbH, Göttingen, Germany
Combined with the BabyFan app, the infant nutrition dispenser saves parents lots of time and is especially useful in neonatal intensive care units, where 25 premature babies need to be cared for simultaneously. It features a heat sterilization process and contactless formula preparation, keeping babies germ-free and healthy.
A Brief Speculation on Autonomous Healthcare | Manufacturer: Philips, Eindhoven, Netherlands
This speculative design piece is a provocation to current models of care delivery, aiming to create discourse amongst key industry players, and shift perspectives about the possibility of new care models. It reinterprets not only functional but also experiential aspects of care delivery by eliminating the need for travel and by introducing five vignettes of new autonomous care delivery.
ALICE: AR Location based Info. Centric Explorer
Alice is an integrated AR mobility platform that supports various multimodal services from last-mile mobility to autonomous driving. POI tags are stable and precise, and VSLAM and Anchoring technologies provide users with a 97-percent accurate and hassle-free trip experience, even when indoors with no GPS signal.
Zeiss Visu360 Platform | Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss AG, Aalen, Germany
This telemedicine platform connects patients, doctors, and eyewear retailers remotely. It allows users to undergo full eye exams in a confidential and medically approved way. As a result, stores sell glasses, doctors fill their schedules and patients get treatment, basically anytime and anywhere.
SICHARGE D - DC Charger Design System | Manufacturer: Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany
A web-based adaptive design system enables a cost-effective interface configuration for charging stations with different sized user interfaces. The multi-lingual operating concept for Siemens DC/AC multi chargers meets the requirements for barrier-free access via the operational elements and legibility as well as comprehensibility of the displays under the most diverse conditions in public spaces.
BRAGi customized eyeglasses system | Manufacturer: Nanjing Jianyue Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Danyang, China
This eyeglasses system combines 3D scanning and 3D printing, with more than 20 parameters for customization. It works perfectly, even with complicated lenses. It takes only a few simple steps and the process provides customers with a digital shopping experience. The made-to-order production is environmentally friendly as it reduces inventory.
MIMAMORI | Manufacturer: NTT DOCOMO, INC., Akasaka Minato-ku,Tokyo, Japan
MIMAMORI is a phone-based monitoring service for senior citizens that uses artificial intelligence. The service periodically calls the senior citizen on their landline phone and checks and records their safety and health situation through conversation. It analyzes these conversations to automatically judges whether caregivers should be contacted. It then locates the senior citizen's contact persons and shares the health information with them.
ROCC | Manufacturer: Philips, Eindhoven, Netherlands
This is a virtualized imaging solution that seamlessly connects imaging experts at a command center with technologists at scan locations across their organization. ROCC's advanced technology and workflows facilitate communication between scanner-facing technologists and experts. Imaging protocol adjustments can be made in real-time with the support of an expert, and questions can be answered even while a patient is on the scanner table.
NCSOFT Human Resource Management UX | Manufacturer: NCSOFT Corporation, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
The NC HR system saves time by reducing unnecessary communication and helps individuals perform the desired task. The UI optimized for the HR system supports the efficient work of related departments. In other words, the system always acts as a manager at hand.

This year’s iF award-winning digital solutions in the discipline "Service Design" and "Professional Concept" master the challenge of combining all the service design needs in a digital sphere, including user experience, content strategy and web design to name just a few. They permeate every aspect of our personal and professional lives – from health and wellness to retail and sales to industry productivity and maintenance systems. And they exemplify the deep understanding of users accessing content and services, especially against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, when people who usually use services in person are confronted with digital methods for the first time. 

For a more enjoyable experience, digital service design benefits from ever-evolving technological innovations in artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality. The advantage is obvious: With the help of this technology, users can save time and capacities on research while scrolling through digital documentation until they find the information they need. Among this year’s award-winning designs are some of the most exciting service design concepts to date. Take for example the gold-award winning app "ALINE". The driving principle behind this is to focuse on the environmental, social and governance factors of personal investment. Through its visually appealing and well-orchestrated design, ALINE's learnable modular app system opens up new ways of thinking about consuming and investing in the market.

ALINE | Manufacturer: NH Investment & Securities, Seoul, South Korea

This gold awarded mobile app helps people align their investment and consumption with their values. The personal value index, with its six main criteria, translates values into sustainable finance. By gathering the data from the initial survey and from regular value updates, the index is weighted according to the user’s values. The investment portfolio is adjusted according to the index, and consumption against the user's value.

Another way of mindset changing is presented in the . It helps you to improve, for example, your sleep quality, diet or sports performance. The app functions as a personal coach that creates an individual care plan by intelligently analyzing the user’s data. In the larger context of health monitoring, "CoreCare" is a patient engagement solution that facilitates the desired lifestyle after weight loss surgery, combining clinical and personal data for an even more holistic approach.

In retail and sales, "Ontact" provides a unique experience that blurs the lines between an offline and an online store. Accessing this platform, customers receive real-time information from offline stores and participate in events remotely via virtual reality technology. In mobility, “ALICE” is a state-of-the-art platform that uses augmented reality to navigate the world better. The concept "A Brief Speculation of Autonomous Healthcare" goes a step further by dealing with the future scenario of a world with infinite access to healthcare. There, an autonomous health hub could, for example, function as a part of your mobile healthcare plan monitoring blood-glucose levels and insulin dosage.

All of these intelligent systems use bleeding-edge technology to help us manage our daily lives – and in the process, continuously push the boundaries of what humanity once understood technology to be.


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