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High-End Gaming Hardware and Accessories to Improve Your Video Gaming Experience

The need for entertainment is great especially in times of lockdown. These iF awarded products embrace online social gaming, VR and AR technology as well as retro gaming.

Long gone are the days when gaming was only for young people. Nowadays, gaming is just as much a hobby for people who want to relax after work, explore new worlds, or solve tricky tasks. Particularly in the light of the coronavirus pandemic where people try to escape from isolation and monotony the need for entertainment is great. The game range has expanded to streaming and online social gaming and new player groups have evolved. Whether it’s a group of school mates or several generations of one family – they want to stay in contact at times of limited access to real-world socializing. 

With circumstances like this, it’s no wonder that gaming hardware and gaming for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets have undergone tremendous developments thanks to designers’ latest technology and innovative thinking. This inventive spirit is reflected in the list of winning products in the category of Gaming Hardware / VR in this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD.


Gaming Monitor Odyssey G7 | Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea
This gaming monitor comes packed with high-end specs and features best-suited for gamers, such as 1000R curvature and a 240Hz refresh rate. The 1000R-curvature screen ensures the ultimate immersive experience. The robust patterns and Infinity Core Lighting applied to the front and back convey a sense of dimensional dynamics. The ergonomic design of the monitor stand, coupled with the convenient GUI, adds more value to G7 as an essential piece of gaming equipment.
Mountain Everest | Manufacturer: Mountain, Freiburg, Germany
The detachable media dock with its unique display dial of this mechanical keyboard provides fast access to multiple settings and software configurations; the number pad can be attached to either the right or left of the keyboard for ambidextrous use; its 4 display keys can be individually personalized with shortcuts, and even custom images can be assigned; and the unique patented magnetic feet allow for easy height adjustment.
GEOMETRY | Manufacturer: Shenzhen Moorechip Technologies Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China
This handheld console breaks everyone's understanding of traditional game consoles. It combines modern and retro styles in one controller. The minimalist form is not lacking in design sense, which recalls the classic Braun design style. The design is to evoke childhood memories and convey a comforting yet exciting combination of human care and modern technology.
Lenovo Legion H600 Headset & S600 Station | Manufacturer: Lenovo, Morrisville, NC, United States
The Legion H600 Wireless Gaming Headset and Legion S600 Gaming Station are the latest additions to the Lenovo Legion ecosystem. The S600 Gaming Station is a universal headset stand that automatically charges the H600 headset whenever it’s hung in place. While produced specifically for the H600, this technology will support future lines of Lenovo Legion headsets and bring round-the-clock wireless gaming to a wide range of users, a radically natural experience.
OMEN 25L/30L Tower | Manufacturer: HP Inc., Palo Alto, United States
OMEN 25L/30L Tower is a well-equipped gaming tower PC in a minimalist, mature form, appropriate for the home user and enthusiast. The front glass is tinted with a gradient that transitions from opaque to transparent – a world's first in a PC. A predecessor of this machine was the first to use EMI shielded glass, and HP remains one of the only manufacturers to build PC towers with a full side glass panel, not a window, that's fully EMI shielded.
Trident Z Neo | Manufacturer: G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan
This high-performance DDR4 memory product is uniquely designed with dual-toned tri-fin heatspreaders in powdered silver and brushed black aluminum across a single surface for efficient cooling and style, and integrates bright 8-zone RGB lighting with first- and third-party software support, so PC systems can be customized to display a wide array of synchronized lighting effects.
Bstick | Manufacturer: placeB, Seoul, South Korea
Bstick is handheld virtual reality force feedback controller. It eliminates the inconvenience of wearing existing exoskeletal glove-type products and provides solid grip and vibration that cannot be provided by conventional products. Based on ergonomic elements, this controller completes a simple morphological design that prioritizes functionality.
G923 Steering Wheel and Pedals | Manufacturer: Logitech Europe S.A., Lausanne, Switzerland
The Logitech G923 is a high-performance racing wheel that revolutionizes the racing game experience. Re-engineered to support a next-generation feedback system, G923 features TRUEFORCE high-definition force feedback that dials into game engines to deliver higher-fidelity realism. Available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. G923’s advanced firmware monitors all the current flowing through the wheel motors, continuously adjusting voltage to match outputs from game physics.
Spark | Manufacturer: Compal Electronics Inc., Taipei City, Taiwan
Spark is the world’s first laptop to combine the benefits of both membrane and mechanical keyboards; allowing most of the keyboards membrane-based on the right, but with a simple button push, the flat keys on the left shift out 15° and spring to life to become mechanical ones. Ergonomics and tactile feeling are far superior, and the slit created on KB provides better air flow for performance.
Tactsuit X40 | Manufacturer: bHaptics Inc., Daejeon, South Korea
With Tactsuit X40t, users can enjoy popular VR content that is integrated into the bHaptics SDK. As for non-integrated content, including movies and music, the software automatically creates audio-based haptic feedback in real time. Rich and elaborate haptic feedback created by 40 vibration motors in the vest and latency-free wireless control provides a more immersive and realistic feeling.
8BitDo Arcade Stick | Manufacturer: Shenzhen 8Bitdo Tech Co. Ltd., Shenzhen, China
8BitDo Arcade Stick is designed specifically for Switch and PC. When you switch between Switch and PC (X-Input) mode, Arcade Stick's dynamic button layout instantly changes its visual layout. It also features proprietary software that allows you to customize button mapping and create macros. The arcade stick connects to your devices via wireless Bluetooth, 2.4G or wired USB-C cable to maximize compatibility with computer, notebook, mobile phone, NS, and other gaming devices.
VIVE Air VR Headset | Manufacturer: HTC Corporation, New Taipei City, Taiwan
This VR headset is specially designed for virtual fitness, optimized for high intensity with long use. Inspired by sports shoes, the new headset introduces knitted materials to VR to provide unprecedented comfort and fit. The breathable and quick-drying fabrics improve ventilation in the heated exercise.
EK-Quantum Torque | Manufacturer: EKWB, Komenda, Slovenia
The Torque family of fittings offers a secure and modular system of connections between liquid cooling components and tubing within a PC. A pressure-tight seal is achieved mechanically with a pre-installed gasket and parallel threads so they can be installed by hand. Multiple lengths, diameters and angles are combined with rotatable elements to simplify and organize the construction of a complete loop.
Syncro Q7 | Manufacturer: Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan
This mid-tower ATX chassis features an aluminum body and a tempered glass panel on one side, and Seasonic CONNECT on the other. The heart of this setup is Sea Sonic’s proprietary CONNECT system, which is comprised of a special power supply and the CONNECT module, which is a backplane functioning as a unique cable management hub. Peripherals and components are directly connected to this cable hub by using generally shorter cables to simplify cable routing and improve aesthetics.
ThinkReality A3 | Manufacturer: Lenovo, Morrisville, NC, United States
Vivid high-resolution imagery bursts from this surprisingly compact pair of AR glasses, opening the way for a broad range of users to benefit from the power of AR. The A3’s form is true to that of traditional glasses so users will enjoy wearing them anywhere. The A3’s modular design enables users to customize the fit and lenses for their exact needs.
Shadow stinger Mobile game button | Manufacturer: Shanghai Flydigi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China
The Shadow Stinger mobile game button is the first mobile game button designed with detachable main and secondary accessories. It is equipped with Feizhi's second-gen CapAir Mapping Technology 2, which provides better sensitivity. The main accessory is a classic and simple form, which is small and portable. The secondary accessory can be expanded into a four-key version with a grip form, giving players more possibilities for operation.
ANTGAMER - Sci-Fi Gaming Monitor | Manufacturer: HKC Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China
ANTGAMER Sci-Fi Gaming Monitor uses MPRT technology with 1ms response time lets players enjoy a high frame rate gaming screen and a smooth gaming experience through AMD Free sync technology. The 144HZ refresh rate is 2.75 times faster than an ordinary 60HZ, eliminating delay and motion blur. The exterior style uses technical feeling and simplicity as the design language, and the use of new style and color combined with sci-fi elements creates a brand-new product with a sense of future.
U+ Slim VR | Manufacturer: LG Uplus, Seoul, South Korea
This is a portable VR device that allows you to enjoy VR content by inserting your own mobile phone. U+ Slim VR is light and slim, and easy to wear and carry. Essential elements such as a face cushion, lenses, and hair bands are enclosed. In addition, the phone’s mounting position can be easily adjusted so that the user can enjoy the VR content without experiencing any dizziness.
OLOy Blade DDR4 Memory | Manufacturer: OLOy Memory INC, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China
Instead of anodizing, the stamped aluminum heat spreaders of this DRAM memory kit are finished by eco-friendly digital printing to present a quality metallic feel. A unique RGB lighting effect is presented in a way that hasn’t been seen before. The light guide is hidden in a metal-like thin coating when not in use, but becomes translucent and distributes atmospheric lighting evenly in soft color tones when lit up. The design delivers a clean, elegant style without compromising its functionality.

CFI-ZCT1 | Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, San Mateo, United States

This wireless controller connects with PlayStationⓇ5 to deliver a deeper, highly immersive gaming experience. It features immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone to bring in-game action to life. The grips taper as they extend toward the tip to ensure the controller fits hands of all sizes. This configuration allows the user to maintain a firm grip while ensuring the fingers can reach all the buttons effortlessly.

VR Cap | Manufacturer: Compal Electronics Inc., Taipei City, Taiwan

VR Cap is the world’s first head-mounted display to join a crisp VR display with a detachable, woven head covering. By weaving special threads into a stretchable flat cap, it completely eliminates the need for bulky adjustment gears or straps for fit; the fabric also provides excellent ventilation for prolonged wear.

Gaming culture has always been an escape from your environment. Losing yourself in a game and forgetting everything else around you is the ultimate goal – an immersive experience. There where you have the impression that you are in the middle of the virtual game and can even influence the plot. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies like augmented and virtual reality, things are now possible that at first seemed unimaginable. Take, for example, the "VR Cap", an award-winning gold design from this year. It’s a one-of-a-kind VR display that mounts directly on the head, eliminating the need for bulky equipment. This allows the user to be fully immersed in the game. Another special dimension of immersion is created by VR device "U+ Slim VR", which is even portable and allows you to enjoy VR content by inserting your own mobile phone. 

High-end hardware design remains a must have if you want to give a boost to your play performance. You can find a selection of high quality products embracing usability as well as enhanced ergonomics in the category Computer. A fast PC and a high-quality monitor are the basis of a great game with friends or colleagues. You can experience smooth gaming with a high frame rate gaming screen through, for example, the “Gaming Monitor Odyssey G7“ and “ANTGAMER - Sci-Fi Gaming Monitor”. These days, you don't even necessarily need a full-fledged gaming computer anymore. “Spark” is a unique laptop design featuring a gaming keyboard so that you can play anywhere you want.

The secret of an extraordinary gaming experience lies, probably, in high-end gaming hardware items such as the gaming tower “OMEN 25L/30L Tower” and the DDR4 memory module “Trident Z Neo” making it possible to bring the most exciting games to life and dramatically improving gaming and workflow experience. However, designers have developed further fascinating tools and accessories to make the most of an all-encompassing experience. Take a look at the “TactsuitX40”, a haptic vest that expands the possibilities of VR, and you're all set for a gaming adventure that is out of this world. Or how about racing game experience? The “G923 Steering Wheel and Pedals” features a high-definition force feedback that dials into game engines to deliver higher-fidelity realism. 

And if you feel better at ease in the bubble of retro gaming, devices like “8BitDo Arcade Stick” and “GEOMETRY” might take you back to your childhood days. And add to that, these vintage-looked devices are not old-fashioned at all but provide compatibility with computer, notebook and mobile phone to attract a new generation of gamers.


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