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Interactive Website Inspiration to Boost Your Business

At this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, the honored entries create a new range of interactivity. Experimental website designs provide a feeling of authentic interaction for potential customers.

In this day and age, having a digital identity is key for many creatives, especially designers and architects alike. As global online access expands, digital identities form the basis for our shared digital future and, at the same time, reflect our society’s changing working environment and professional fields. Take for example visual thinkers and tinkerers: One of their most important steps is to put the vision of their work online. Websites, in this context, mean to inspire, win over and inform potential customers.


pixsee website | Manufacturer: Compal Electronics Inc., Taipei City, Taiwan
pixsee is an IoT baby camera that in addition to monitoring the child’s safety, automatically recognizes, captures and documents meaningful moments. The pixsee website focuses on memory throughout, with heartwarming childlike doodles and hand-written copy that reads like a storybook to engage viewers at an emotional level.
KRELL Automotive | Manufacturer: KRELL Automotive, Seoul, Republic of Korea
This brand film uses space and its planets as a futuristic backdrop against which to communicate the performance of the products of the power amplifier brand. In high-action animated sequences that reference characteristic features of the car audio system, the endlessness of the universe is visually connected to the boundless power of sound.
mcbath - Leading The Way | Manufacturer: McBath Moldcom Composites S.L., Valencia, Spain
This website and digital strategy humanize a leading industry brand in the bathroom segment. It is a communication concept that integrates products, content and brand, making mcbath more meaningful and relevant for market players and their value chain.
NAVER Shopping Live | Manufacturer: NAVER Corp., Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
NAVER Shopping Live is an online shopping platform where retailers and consumers can find each other and talk in real-time. Sellers can effectively present product details via video, whereas consumers can enjoy interactions with fellow consumers who have the same tastes while watching product presentations. Broadcasting apps and web players are also provided. | Manufacturer: BILDRAUM / Dr. phil. Wolfgang Neiser | Nabburg, Germany
What makes this website so special is how it engages with the illustrative power of freehand lines and colors. Simple icons leave the question of “more” open in space. The primary colors demand attention in this bright context. The graphic language suggests the breadth of the portfolio, from communication in space to iconographic works.
JUNIOR NAVER | Manufacturer: NAVER Corporation, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
This website for kids provides verified content that parents can trust. It features videos, audiobooks, and games with cute characters that children enjoy exploring. All content is selected to stimulate children's imagination and help promote their development. Educational contents such as curriculum, language games, and quizzes make learning as enjoyable as playing.
A-RT.COM | Manufacturer: ABC-MART, Seoul, Republic of Korea
A-RT.COM offers differentiated shopping services and content-oriented entertainment. A convenient shopping UX with a simple log-in process and smooth transition between channels is designed, providing an optimized shopping experience where inquiry on product and store inventory can be viewed through fingerprint and face login, voice and barcode search.
RSDR_brand website & interactive music video | Manufacturer:, Taipei, Taiwan
This website creates a music video experience that invades viewers’ computers with multiple interactive screens at once. The video challenged viewers on multiple levels in a way that has proven controversial.
PlusX Website | Manufacturer: PlusX, Seoul, South Korea
Users can feel the website flowing as they scroll due to the smooth transition between the pages. Also, witty details such as dynamic and rhythmic motions, kinetic shuffles, and dark/light modes catch the attention and add more fun to the experience. Overall, the website provides an unforgettable experience to users with technology and striking visuals.
creating time® – rebranding UMB | Manufacturer: UMB - creating time, Volketswil, Switzerland
This website conveys less technical content – instead, it’s meant to evoke emotions. Large, impressive images are used, which is atypical for the IT industry. What is done with IT and how time can be created for our customers are shown in an innovative way.
Website Beisheim Center | Manufacturer: IMMAGO-RENT AG, Baar, Switzerland
The website offers a high-quality digital experience, using layers which shift when interacted with and thus reveal additional layers, reflecting the composition of the individual buildings of the complex. JAMStack, one of the newest web technologies, creates a high-performance website and an optimal user experience.The website offers a high-quality digital experience, using layers which shift when interacted with and thus reveal additional layers, reflecting the composition of the individual buildings of the complex. JAMStack, one of the newest web technologies, creates a high-performance website and an optimal user experience.
QUS. Body Connected. | Manufacturer: Sansirro GmbH, Lebring, Austria
The company wanted to develop a new, catchy brand name and a modern branding concept, a cool corporate design for the smart textile company and a stylish website full of incomparable user experiences. Lifestyle, coolness and luxury factors were the main aims during website development.
Kontrapunkt Type | Manufacturer: Kontrapunkt, Copenhagen, Denmark
This website is a virtual format of the exhibition showing Kontrapunkt's type design work throughout the years in a new and innovative way. Visitors are guided through 10 selected typography works, each unfolding with interactive motion and visual effects.
iteratec Corporate Website | Manufacturer: iteratec GmbH, Munich, Germany
To achieve more tangibility, more visibility and a more clear focus, products and services are conveyed in a customer-oriented and needs-based manner. In return, straight creates a clear user experience, modern design and content with context and relevance.
Dr.FORHAIR Branding Site | Manufacturer: CSIDE&C.C CSIDE & C.C, Seoul, South Korea
In order to help customers to understand the new products of this brand easily, parallax, animation, and hover effects were used to intuitively deliver the benefits of products.
G+D Spotlight | Manufacturer: Giesecke+Devrient GmbH, München, Germany
A target group-specific content strategy was developed, enabled by data-informed topic selection and intuitive UX. The dynamic visual language and modular, multi-media design showcase interesting articles, interactive and animated infographics, videos, and audio for digital services like Spotify.

Probably the most decisive moment of any user journey is to visit the homepage as it is the first impression website visitors can make. A well-designed homepage is one that arouses curiosity. It makes the visitors feel like they are already part of a memorable experience that is further found throughout all the other parts of a website. Various interactive elements are essential to making this happen. At this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, the honored entries in the category of websites create a new range of interactivity. 

Animated and interactive elements – such as audio and video media, scrolling interaction from left to right instead up to down and hover states – are just one way to let the website visitors engage with the site content. What unites all iF awarded websites is their approach in providing a feeling of authentic interaction between the users and the appropriates brands. "ORIGAMI LETTER" is an award-winning website design that fuses the possibilities of the digital and the haptic world. Users can fold a digital origami and then send it to someone or print it. Another forward-thinking communication project is "NAVER Shopping Live" where customers can live stream their shopping experience and receive instant feedback on their choices.


ORIGAMI LETTER | Manufacturer: Brother Industries Ltd., Nagoya, Japan
Origami Letter is a messaging tool that uses origami – the traditional Japanese craft of paper folding – to express emotions. Users can use it to fold a digital origami letter on the website or can print and fold their own printed Origami Letter, giving users two ways to send their messages.
Digital World of Rock Music | Manufacturer: Art. Lebedev Studio, Moscow, Russia
This website was created for the Russian rock band Aquarium and combines music, effects, and technology. The main page is a world in which the visitor becomes a traveler. Everything here is permeated with symbols, pictures hint at the most popular images and events in the history of the group. The first few scenes were created manually but the rest are generated automatically, ensuring endless variations.
Artemide | ManufactArtemide S.p.A Pregnana Milanese, Italy
The objective with this website was to organize the extensive set of contents to serve commercial and non-commercial audiences while inspiring deeper curiosity and knowledge of Artemide's complex product line-up. The aim was to shif the experience towards a more engaging and user-centered approach.

More and more experimental website designs appeal to all the senses like "Digital World of Rock Music" and "KRELL Automotive" via the latest responsive technology. From real-time conversations to fingerprint recognition, more and more virtual platforms are harnessing the power of technology to create amazing websites where users can explore a whole new world.

Making use of the whole range of design possibilities offers opportunities to follow a personalized journey through a website. After all, what counts is to keeping users engaged and making them come back for more.

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