Camouflage of everyday products

The dissertation covers nine designs that deal with the topic of camouflage in an uncommon way. Ordinary products in the surroundings of the kitchen are being changed by small interventions. As a consequence they extend their functions as well as surprise by new usages. Take for instance "Giesséla Bloomfield": On this flowerpot the text "gieß mich" (water me) appears once the plant needs water – using the principle "cipher"; whereas "Messalina Schneider" combines cutting board and knife block in one: In this "secret place" knives hide inside the board and can be pulled out after opening it. "Siebfried Reibert" combines colander and grater with each other. Using the principle of "mimicry", the grater resorts to an object with a similar structure – the colander.

Client / Manufacturer

Nicola Moebius

Berlin, DE