ECO Heightion Restriction
ECO Heightion Restriction
ECO Heightion Restriction
ECO Heightion Restriction


ECO Heightion Restriction

Safety device

Many restricted parking spaces use height barriers to keep out buses, trucks and larger camper vans. However, nowadays vehicles come in such a diverse range of sizes that there is ample room for error in misjudging height. As a result, vehicle collision with restriction barriers is a common occurrence. This scalable barrier removes the risk of serious collision while retaining the barrier function. Thanks to a telescopic structure, the barrier elongates in the event of collision, giving the driver time to slow and reverse.


This innovation follows a key principle of excellent design: adapting an existing concept is often better than inventing a new one. Restriction barriers fulfill an important function but have one fatal flaw: they are unyielding. This design retains the main form and visual appearance of a vehicle height restriction barrier, but builds in a flexibility that allows for soft rather than hard collisions.


We would like to express our deep gratitude to National Taipei University of Technology, and particularly Professor Chun-Ching Chen. We appreciate and value the platform provided by the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD.


National Taipei University of Technology

Taipei, TW