Flugboot DO-X
Flugboot DO-X


Flugboot DO-X


Small, but fine. To design an appealing and expressful layout on only 12 square centimeters is a sizeable challenge. The motive on the 55 Cent special edition stamp for the day of the stamp 2004 shows the flying boat DO-X in a historic image from the year 1929. The largest flying ship of its time approaches colossally and comes in for a water landing on the Bodensee. Today – 75 years later and printed a million times – the dinosaur of the air undertakes once again a journey around the world and becomes itself one of the countless mailings, which it once transported in record time. The border accompanying the 10 stamp format displays stages of the aircrafts adventurous round-the-world trip, which became history.

Client / Manufacturer

Bundesministerium der Finanzen

Berlin, DE

Klein und Neumann

Zusammenarbeit mit: Domröse Druck, Fotostudio TölleIserlohn, DE