GN 430 Griffleiste
GN 430 Griffleiste


GN 430 Griffleiste

Ledge handles

The GN 430 ledge handles are made of aluminum and supplied either in natural color (anodized) or with black plastic coating. Caps on both ends are made of charcoal polyamide. The screw duct with metric thread (size M6) allows any number of fixing screws at any point, with the effect that the ledge handle can be fitted "regardless of drill hole". Typical applications for the ledge handles include hinged or slide doors of protective installations. They are also ideal for use as drawer handles. It is restrained in design and ergonomically well thought-out.

Client / Manufacturer

Elesa + Ganter China Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, CN

designpraxis diener gmbh

Ulm, DE