Itaú App Light
Itaú App Light
Itaú App Light
Itaú App Light


Itaú App Light

Mobile app

Itaú Unibanco S. A.

The purpose of this project was to build an app focused on the low-income public. This provided an opportunity to invest in a segment that historically Itaú has never led and to contribute with digital inclusion in Brazil. App Light is the first step for customers joining the digital world. The biggest challenge was to create a solution side by side with the customer and ensure time-to-market and speed in the various phases of the app development. In order to achieve this, a special experimentation lab was set up for this audience, with daily validation of the hypotheses and experience. Currently, App Light has more than 440,000 users.

Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
South America
Target Groups
Consumer / User